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BBC: "Could the era of glass skyscrapers be over?"

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"One of the architects behind London's famous Gherkin skyscraper has now turned against glass buildings. Is it time tall towers were made out of something else, asks Hannah Sander.

"It is one of the UK's most recognisable buildings. A Stirling Prize winner. A backdrop to Hollywood films. Named the most admired tower in the world.

"But 10 years after it was opened, one of the designers behind the 'Gherkin' has turned against it. Architect Ken Shuttleworth, one of the team at Foster and Partners who designed the tower, now thinks the gigantic glass structure was a mistake. He says:
"The Gherkin is a fantastic building, but we can't have that anymore. We can't have those all-glass buildings. We need to be much more responsible."

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