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Daily Telegraph: "David Cameron's first flat worth £1.4m, as owner says now 'hopeless' for first-time buyers"

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"The flat which David Cameron cited as an example of the 'pride' people can feel at earning their first home would now cost a first-time buyer up to £1.4 million, the Telegraph can disclose.

"The property could now net ten times the price paid by the Prime Minister as a 25-year-old Conservative advisor in 1992, experts say.

"The current value, based on the sums paid for similar flats in the area, would be around 30 times the average income of people purchasing their first properties and seven times the typical price paid by first-time buyers.

"The current owner of the flat, in Notting Hill, told the Telegraph it would now be 'impossible' for young people to buy the flat without the help of 'wealthy parents'."

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