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Boots Brent Cross: "Tax-haven Britain: Boots Alliance and the use and abuses of Limited Liability Partnerships"

Link to "Tax Justice Network"

"Last year, 'War on Want' published a report revealing that Boots the Chemists – a fixture of most U.K. high streets – had dodged over £1 billion in the six preceding years, since it was taken over by the Alliance group. 

"War on Want have now sent a letter to HM Revenue and Customs, co-signed by TJN and others, requesting the tax authorities investigate the use of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) by Boots and other companies as a part of their tax avoidance strategies.

"... The Alliance Boots case study indicates the potential scale of revenue losses arising from the use of LLPs, but the government appears not to be taking action to either investigate Boots or other companies employing LLPs for tax avoidance purposes, or whether any investigation is underway to determine whether the use of LLPs by Boots and others conforms with UK law."

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