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Future of London: "Crossrail as Catalyst: Realising regeneration and development around stations"

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"On 23 April, Future of London launched 'Crossrail as Catalyst' at the King’s Fund. This new report examines how London communities can grasp the regeneration potential of Crossrail stations – and of future infrastructure projects.

"As with any major infrastructure project, part of Crossrail’s promise has been to generate or enhance economic opportunity in the areas it touches, particularly through regeneration around stations. And as with previous rail projects in and around the Capital, results – at least so far – have been mixed. Some communities are seeing direct and rapid benefits tied to planned stations, while others have yet to grasp Crossrail’s regeneration potential.

" 'Crossrail as Catalyst', supported by Crossrail, Arup, GVA, and London Communications Agency [Oh, no. Not that outfit!], is a multi-part programme designed to share best practice from areas which have realised regeneration opportunities from Crossrail and its predecessors; to identify options remaining before the route opens; and to look at how future infrastructure projects could help deliver even more in the places they touch."

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