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The Guardian: "In new modern economy, politicians need to come up with policies to make capitalism meet needs of people, not vice versa"

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"The reason for the anger, apathy and disillusionment [of voters] is quite simple. Parties have always competed to offer the basics of life. Vote for us, they have said, and we can provide you with a decent job that will guarantee rising living standards, a roof over your head and better public services. Voters used to believe that parties could deliver on this offer. Now they don't. Or, perhaps more accurately, far fewer do.

"... The message many voters have been getting is that any problems they might be having are their own fault. Unsurprisingly, they reject the idea that they are too lazy or too stupid to cut it in the new modern economy and have come up with their own reasons for why life is a struggle – too much meddling from Brussels and too many immigrants.

"Changing the mood requires politicians once again to come up with policies to make capitalism meet the needs of the people, rather than policies to make the people meet the needs of capitalism. At present, the sales pitch sucks."

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"Thomas Piketty accuses Financial Times of dishonest criticism"
"Thomas Piketty has accused the Financial Times of ridiculous and dishonest criticism of his economics book on inequality that has become a publishing sensation.

"The French economist, whose 577-page tome Capital in the Twenty-First Century has become an unlikely must-read for business leaders and politicians alike, said it was ridiculous to suggest that his central thesis on rising inequality was incorrect.

"The controversy blew up when the FT accused Piketty of errors in transcribing numbers, as well as cherry-picking data or not using original sources. The newspaper concluded there was little evidence in Piketty's original sources to bear out his theory that the richest were accumulating more wealth, widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots in Europe and the United States."

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