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Living Streets: "Over half of London’s local parties back our campaign"

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"With polling day over, we’re delighted to say that over half of London’s four main local parties pledged to Speak up for people-friendly high streets

Living Streets’ London Manager, Tom Platt, gives us an update.
"Thanks to all of you who wrote to local parties in your area backing the campaign. We will now work hard to support councils across London create safer, more inviting high streets where it’s great to walk.

"Our ‘Six steps to people friendly high streets’ provides local councils in London with practical measures they can now put into motion to make high streets across the capital better places to walk – helping to boost local business, reduce casualties and create more pleasant places to live, work, shop and socialise.

"Over half of local parties have taken our pledge. This breaks down at a party level to:
  • The Lib Dem party supporting in over half of London’s boroughs
  • The Green party pledging in every London borough.
  • The Labour party supporting in two-fifths of London boroughs
  • The Conservative party pledging in a fifth of London boroughs.
"You can see exactly who supported the campaign by visiting our campaign map.

"If you would like to know more about our campaign, please visit the campaign pages or email me on tom.platt@livingstreets.org.uk."

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