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[Reposted] Barnet Eye: "Nick Walkley and conflicting interests"

Nick Walkley - "Well Bozzer [Boris], in Barnet we are planning to abolish pay-and-display parking, hike up parking charges and drive all the customers away from local businesses, and into large shopping centres like Brent Cross, which we want to see double in size. They have to get their customers from somewhere, you know!" 
... ...

"... As you can see, the board contains the chief of police, and the managing director of Brent Cross. They meet informally, and so no minutes are taken.

"Who was the only private-sector representative? Not someone from small business, or a representative of small traders. No, it was the MD of Brent Cross [pictured here].

"Now I've attended a presentation by Tom Nathan, and he is a superb speaker. One has to [ask]: In his role on the board, is he likely to favour measures which benefit:
  • his business, or
  • local traders?

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