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Croydon Guardian: "Westfield ups pressure over Croydon Whitgift development" (Compare to Hammerson's useless BX consultation, by London Communications Agency)

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(it always rains in Croydon)

"Westfield bosses have unveiled plans for Croydon, and argue aggressive tactics are key to quickly breaking the deadlock [with Brent Cross's Hammerson] over the redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre.

"A public consultation was held in the town centre between July 5 and 8, where the retailer set out its £1bn masterplan, including 1.5m sq ft of retail space, a cinema [Hammerson already has planning permission for 11 screens, in its neighbouring Centrale Centre] and bowling alley, about 500 homes and 5000 new jobs."

"John Burton, Westfield’s director of development, said:
"This just increases the pressure, not just on Hammerson but on everyone, including us.

There were two ways to do this, sit and wait around for the dispute to be settled, which could have taken years, or push on. Croydon doesn’t have years, it needs this development now."

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