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Hammerson - Westfield: Shopping Centre Wars: 'Inside Croydon'

Link to 'Inside Croydon'

"John Burton, the Australian-based company’s main man in London, was at Croydon Town Hall last night, for a meeting of the council’s strategic planning committee.

"The meeting was attended by a selection of councillors and members of the public. According to one, the session amounted to 'lots of slick PR but little detail. This was a presentation, so nothing in tablets of stone, and all a work in progress'.

"Being an Australian company, it ought not be a surprise that according Westfield insiders, the corporate attitude towards the public and lowly local councillors is to treat them like 'mushrooms' (keep ‘em in the dark, and feed them bullshit).

"So it is unsurprising that Westfield’s public 'consultation' conveniently omitted to mention anything about the tug-of-war going on over the Whitgift Centre with rival developer [Brent Cross's] Hammerson."

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