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More Questions to The Mayor about Brent Cross

Brent Cross Cricklewood (1)
Question No: 2180 / 2012
Navin Shah
What is the explanation for the change in Transport for London’s position towards the Brent Cross Cricklewood development?
Written response from the Mayor
Transport for London has not changed its position towards the Brent Cross Cricklewood development. The planning application for the site was approved in 2009 and TfL’s position on the transport aspects of the scheme is clearly set out in the Stage 2 report to the Mayor. Since this time there has been no further consideration of the planning application or the transport implications except for some very informal discussions around how the scheme might be implemented and the potential for a revised planning application.

Brent Cross Cricklewood (2)
Question No: 2181 / 2012
Navin Shah
If the approved Brent Cross Cricklewood scheme becomes overwhelmingly a retail development, do you support the provision of a newly-considered ‘living bridge’ over the A406 North Circular Road? If ‘small shops, cafes or community facilities’ were placed on it, would you have a duty of care regarding air quality, for staff working on the bridge?
Written response from the Mayor
As I have set out before, I am committed to delivery of the wider regeneration benefits at Brent Cross and Cricklewood as set out in my London Plan. In terms of any amendments to the application this would need to be supported by a robust air quality impact assessment to demonstrate compliance with London Plan policy 7.14 Improving Air Quality.

Link to Navin Shah's Newsletter

"Recent news reports suggest original plans have collapsed"

"Whilst this is good news, it is not the end of the project. There are moves to plan a massive new retail development, which I am totally opposed to, but which is supported by Mayor Johnson.

"I remain concerned about plans to massively increase the existing shopping centre, as there will be more congestion from increased traffic, destruction of high street shops, lack of affordable housing, and a detrimental impact on the regeneration projects in the adjacent boroughs."

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