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The Guardian: "London 2012: don't be a sceptic – this isn't just about the Games"

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"It's madness, but also reality. For all the boosterism, the bombast and the preposterous impositions of the International Olympic Committee, what matters most is what happens next. And some of it is going to be good. Take the Olympic Park itself. I walked around it the other week and believe that when opened to the public, starting in a year's time, it will be fragrant, elegant and full of life. Whatever the fate of the main stadium, I'm confident the sports venues will be great to gaze at and a joy to use – and I'll be at the front of the queue.

"... There is no doubt that big, urban redevelopment projects create losers as well as winners, and that the goals of big vision dreamers and local people on the ground can be hard to reconcile. There's no denying, either, that Olympics have a disreputable past as a catalyst of regeneration. But with London, there is so much to play for."

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