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'Inside Croydon': "Questions Croydon needs answered by Westfield" (Brent Cross Hammerson's rival for Croydon Whitgift site)

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"So Westfield is claiming 91 per cent of the people of Croydon favour its scheme for the redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre.

"... So what happened to the other 3,000 people that Westfield said had visited them, yet who did not answer the company’s somewhat self-serving survey?

"... But we are delighted that Bell Pottinger, Westfield’s PR firm, has gone to some lengths to engage with the people of Croydon, and we look forward to interviewing John Burton, Westfield’s director of development, [with questions such as]:
"There is a strong rumour that the Mayor of London may accede to Hammerson’s request for planning permission [technically, a variation of existing permission] at Brent Cross, in exchange for their withdrawal from their interest in Croydon. How was this brokered?"

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