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Sun 15 & 22 July: Finchley Society: "Waterways of Finchley - The Walk"

"The recent 'Waterways of Finchley' slide shows, where we looked at all of Finchley’s waterways and water features, proved to be very popular. Many people were amazed at what we have right here in Finchley, and there were many requests to do a walk of The Waterways of Finchley. So, bowing to popular request, here it is, spread over two Sunday afternoons." 

Part One
Sunday 15th July at 12noon

A fascinating and picturesque tour of Finchley‘s water features: Meet outside East Finchley tube station at 11-45am for a 12 noon start.

We will follow Mutton Brook through Lyttleton Playing Fields and Northway Gardens to Brookland Rise. Then we will visit the water cascade at Willow Tree Gardens, The Garden of Hope, Briarfield Green Square, Pentland Centre lake and fountain and stop at Avenue House Café.

After lunch, we will follow Mutton Brook to Brookdales for a quick look at The Decoy lakes before setting off along Dollis Brook, to Finchley Weir for a finish at the bottom of Hendon Lane where we can catch the 143 bus back to Finchley Central and East Finchley tubes.

4.2 miles to Avenue House. Total distance to finish - 6.4 miles.

This is a very pretty walk and well worth missing Sunday lunch for. Bring packed lunch, or buy food at Avenue House café. For more details contact: Mike Gee 0208 346 5503.

"The second part of our Waterways of Finchley tour takes us to the western and northern part of Finchley where Dollis Brook forms the western boundary. We will venture as far north as Totteridge Lane, and our walk will take in several little-known water features on our journey north along Dollis Brook. By the end of this tour you will have seen over 40 bridges." [That's enough bridges.]

Part Two
Sunday 22nd July at 12noon

A fascinating and picturesque tour of Finchley’s water features: Meet outside Finchley Central station at 11-45am for a 12 noon start. 

We will head for Finchley Weir at the bottom of Hendon Lane and continue north along Dollis Brook, through Windsor Open Space and Finchley Garden Village, continue past the magnificent viaduct in Dollis Road, to Rocklands Lake, Lovers Walk and Nether Court House, on to explore Folly Brook, back to Dollis Brook, through Whetstone Stray with a grand finale at The Redwood Café in Swan Lane Open Space. 

3.6 miles to Woodside Park tube. Total distance to finish - 5.1 miles.

Another pretty walk well worth missing Sunday lunch for. Bring packed lunch, Tasty food available at The Redwood Café. For more details contact Mike Gee.

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