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BBC: "Green streets can cut pollution, says study"

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"The creation of 'green walls' in urban areas could cut pollution by up to 30%, scientists have suggested.

"UK researchers say more trees and other vegetation at street level would clean air in areas that are normally exposed to higher pollution levels.

"Plants in towns and cities have been shown to remove nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM), both of which are harmful to human health."

"... Anne Jaluzot from the co-ordinating group Trees and Design Action Group told BBC News that councils were planting too many small trees that did nothing for biodiversity, flood prevention or pollution control. She said they should concentrate on finding space for a smaller number of very big trees.

She also said money was being wasted on designer green walls - vertical planting systems:
"These green walls often look great, but they're unsustainable because of the high maintenance costs and need for fertilisers.

Councils and developers would often be better to simply cover a wall with ivy and other creepers."

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