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[Reposted] Barnet Bloggers report on, well, Barnet

(Picture: Barnet Times)

"Helen Michael interviewed under caution by Scotland Yard detectives for parking poster"

"Broken Barnet: an interview with the thought police"
"Mrs Angry has seen a transcript of some of the questions asked at this interview, and frankly, the nature of these questions is just incredible: not technical questions, but in a deeply worrying line of exploration, actually probing the thought processes behind the production of the poster.
  • "What were the reasons behind the poster?"
  • "Were these her own ideas?"
  • "Was it just the local traders who were involved in the production of the poster?"
  • "Was there any political input or intention in production of the poster?"
Helen believes that the official instigator of the complaint is the council. If so, then this is simply outrageous: another example of the dysfunctional, Orwellian mind set ..."

"The Rotten State of Barnet" 

"Budget cuts 'will affect' Metropolitan Police's service"

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