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The Guardian: "The graduates of 2012 will survive only in the cracks of our economy"

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"The phrase 'graduate without a future' came into my head while I was lecturing students in the politics society at Birmingham University.
I drew a notional graph of expectations, curving up."

Here's your income at 21

Then you get rising wages, and rising house prices, once you're on the ladder

Your pension pot grows, and at the end of the curve you're comfortable

There's a welfare state to protect you if things go wrong

"That was the old curve.
Then I drew the new one.
It curves down."

Wages don't rise

You can't get on the property ladder, and fiscal austerity eats into your disposable income

You are locked out of your firm's pension scheme, and you will wait until your late 60s for retirement

If it all goes wrong, it's touch and go whether the welfare safety net will still be there

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