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Hammerson plc: Notification of Transactions of Directors

"On 20 June 2012, Hammerson plc (the "Company") was notified of the following transactions in its 25 pence ordinary shares on behalf of Timon Drakesmith, a Director of the Company, in respect of the vesting of a conditional share award of 250,000 shares made to Mr Drakesmith in June 2011 as part of his recruitment terms:

Number of shares vested

Number of dividend shares accrued

Shares sold

Shares retained

Timon Drakesmith

Shares were sold on 20 June 2012 at a price of 431.26 pence per share to cover Income Tax and NIC liability. The retained shares were transferred to Mr Drakesmith's designated nominee account."

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  1. So it was "join our company, and here's about £1-million to oil the wheels..."