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The Westfield - Hammerson Battle: “I’m no expert”: Gavin Barwell MP and his one-man show

(CROYDON is relevant to what Hammerson can 'achieve' at Brent Cross,
 but note that we do not necessarily endorse the views of the web site below.)

Link to 'Inside Croydon'

"DIAMOND GEEZER joined the audience in central Croydon, for a one-man show that was a song-and-dance for big business and land owners, but a soft-shoe shuffle when asked for solutions to the borough’s problems.

"... Normally in a one-man show, where the one man plays many parts, costumes change or some break occurs so that the audience can clearly see the transition from Member of Parliament, to former Croydon Councillor, to Trustee for the Whitgift Foundation, to lobbyist for big business. But at this public meeting in Croydon Town Hall, no such changes were obvious. Gavin combined all roles seamlessly into one, without so much as a flinch of conflict of interest. Throughout his long powerpoint presentation, Barwell spoke of what 'we' are proposing to do to develop Croydon. But never was it clear on whose behalf he was talking.

"Gavin presented a tale of a Croydon with strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, he ignored the key fact that it is the very inequality in the distribution of the good and bad aspects of life in Croydon that helped to spark last summer’s riots, and causes the continuing tensions within our society."

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